Bill Hutchinson was born in 1958 on a sunny June day in Detroit, Michigan to proud parents, William Blake and Marianne. When Bill reached third grade, his family moved to Monterrey, Mexico, where his mom and dad began their work as Methodist missionaries.

After arriving in Mexico, Bill and his younger brother, Mark, attended the American School Foundation of Monterrey, the acclaimed nonprofit school dedicated to educating students from Mexico and across the world. As he has always done, Bill quickly made friends and began trying to learn more about his new surroundings. His classmates quickly helped him learn to speak fluent Spanish as they hiked the local mountainsides. It wasn’t long before Bill realized his lifelong love for the local people and their culture.

Before returning to the U.S. in his senior year of high school, Bill had already realized his passion for music by playing drums in a local rock band. After earning his high school diploma in New York in 1976, Bill traveled to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University. Four years later, he graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration degree and began looking for work.


Bill readily admits that his prospects for a career in real estate got off to a bumpy start when he was unable to immediately land a job after college. Never one to back down from a challenge, he found a “Help Wanted” ad in the local newspaper where an area real estate firm was offering a job for someone to lease retail space. Even though he knew little about how to do the work and would be paid only if he could generate commissions, Bill took the job and began his professional career.

In those first years, Bill worked hard to master the retail leasing game. He also put in long hours to learn what it takes for an investment to produce significant results and how to negotiate successful deals. By 1984, Bill decided to forge his own path by launching Dunhill Partners, Inc., as a full-service brokerage firm.

In the mid-1990’s, Bill transformed Dunhill Partners into an investment company, acquiring commercial real estate and raising capital from outside investors. Today, Bill is widely recognized for making Dunhill Partners one of the most successful and highly regarded commercial real estate firms in the U.S.

Main image credit: Tamytha Cameron Smith

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