Bill Hutchinson of Dunhill Partners and Lifetime’s Marrying Millions

Leader. Pioneer. Game-changer. These are just a few ways to describe Bill Hutchinson, the Founder, President and CEO of Dallas-based Dunhill Partners, Inc. While starring in the Lifetime network’s “Marrying Millions” television series with his partner, Brianna “Bri” Ramirez, Bill has continued to lead one of the country’s most successful commercial real estate and investment firms. A devoted family man and champion for worthwhile causes, Bill can be found making the most out of life when he isn’t working on his next big deal.

“I am not your typical businessman,” Bill says. “As the son of missionaries growing up in a foreign country, I have spent my entire life being very informal, friendly, accessible, humble and empathetic to everyone who I meet. I make friends with my tenants, investors, lenders and employees, and I do not take my position or my success very seriously. In my mind, we are all the same, from the gardener to the billionaire investor.”